Studio Medical Aesthetic’s number one goal is to result in natural, refined results. Never overdone, always classic. Microneedling is an excellent tool for this goal. By creating minimally painful “microtraumas” to your skin- our microneedling tools create channels into the outermost layers of your skin to kickstart your own natural collagen creation and healing process. By using your own body’s healing process, you will see the glow come from within to show luminous, wrinkle-free skin. Perfect for any area of the face, neck, or chest Studio Medical Aesthetics will begin with an evaluation to determine if this treatment is optimal for your antiaging needs! Ask about our AquaGold device combining neurotoxins and peptides with microneedling for efficient and brilliant, long-lasting results.

Microinfusion Microneedling

  • Microinfusion is enhanced microneedling. This next level delivery of a nutrient-rich indiviually formulated cocktail of vitamins,antioxidants, small molecule hyaluronic acid, and even neurotoxin below the surface of the skin for immediately visible results. Every person receives a different recipe based on their skin needs.