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Neurotoxin With a full line of Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin products- Studio Medical Aesthetics is prepped and ready to provide you with the most effective and refining anti-aging injectables. Judi’s passion for professionalism and artistry provides you with a true artist to perform your aesthetics desires. Our multiple options ensure you that as Judi is rejuvenating your “canvas” you are in the safest hands leaving you with minimal discomfort, no downtime, and 100% desired, natural-looking, antiaging results. Ask Judi about her Neurotoxin Yearly Membership- Studio Medical Aesthetics ONLY discount!


  • This assist in the relaxing of pesky wrinkles in the following areas- forehead, (8-20 units) glabella (11’s) (10-25 units), crow’s feet (12-30 units), bunny lines (4-12 units), chin (6-12units), lip turn down (6-12 units). Together we will create a treatment plan to leave you refreshed and wrinkle-free! Factors to consider- age, gender, activity level, sun damage, skin turgor, medical history, and many more- not everyone is a candidate, and the amount of toxin may vary. 

Masseters/TMJ - (30 - 50 units)

  • This is for those that brux or grind and for those clenchers! Relaxing the large muscle of the jaw is also a way to slim the face. Units may vary depending on the desired effect.

Nasal Tip Flip, Nasal flaring, Lip Flip or Gummy Smile

  • Speaks for itself- Flip the tip of the nose or decrease the flare which will result in a lifted tip with smiling. Lip flips and gummy smile treatments decrease gum show, lip lines and may produce a slightly fuller upper lip by relaxing the muscles that turn the lip under and up. (units vary)

Micro-tox for skin laxity and undereye treatment

  • Specialty tox for those stubborn areas of crepey skin under the eye, along the neck, and decolletage.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

  • Specialized tox injections of the platysma and DAO muscles of the face and neck lift the neck and decrease the “turkey neck” look.

All Other Areas

  • We utilize Tox in so many ways. Let us come up with a solution to your most stubborn areas!


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