IV Hydration

1. Executive Drip: Our basic hydration drip is ideal for those leading a bustling life characterized by stress, fatigue, and constant travel. It meticulously restocks your body’s electrolyte reserves, promotes optimal hydration, and infuses you with a fresh supply of B vitamins to bolster your energy levels. It’s not just a drip; it’s your personal energy refurbisher.

2. Rise & Shine Drip: Better known as our ‘hangover solution,’ this drip comprises a generous liter of fluid, doubling your hydration. It expertly restores your electrolyte balance, hydrates your body thoroughly, and powers your energy levels with an invigorating dose of B vitamins. It’s your go-to remedy to kickstart your day after an evening of overindulgence.

3. Natural Defense Drip: Often recognized as the ‘immune booster’ drip, this infusion combines the strengths of the Executive Drip and elevates it with a stronger dose of Vitamin C. Ideally suited for those prone to or suffering from a cold or flu, this treatment has the potency to swiftly dispatch the illness. The high Vitamin C content, recognized for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is known to alleviate discomfort from inflammatory conditions like fibromyalgia.

4. Fountain of Youth Drip: Our hallmark ‘Beauty Treatment’ drip is your secret weapon against the ravages of time. It excels in catalyzing cellular repair, expelling harmful free radicals from the body, purifying the liver, and enhancing skin clarity and brightness. Perfectly suited to augment our Studio Vogue or Cosmo facials, this drip is your accomplice in the quest for ageless beauty.

5. Glutathione Drip: Glutathione, revered as a supreme antioxidant, is at the heart of this drip. Celebrated for its anti-aging benefits, Glutathione is instrumental in detoxifying the body, particularly the liver. This drip can markedly influence your aesthetic appeal and overall health by warding off potential skin and cell damage.

6. Vitamin C Infusion: This unassuming yet potent Vitamin C drip is designed to rejuvenate your week. It’s filled with Vitamin C, vital for tissue regeneration, enhancing iron absorption, acting as a powerful antioxidant, aiding neurotransmitter production, and bolstering immune system functionality. It’s your single-stop treatment to maintain peak wellness levels!


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